Our Bed of Wildflowers


The drops of wisdom
Hiding in the corners of your eyes
Teach me
As they fall upon these forests we’ve cultivated
Oh how you’ve welcomed all the seeds I’ve sown
All the stretches I’ve set ablaze
All the storms I’ve called in to uproot its beauty
All the pain decomposing now beneath its growth
And all the times
When I’m spiraling in fear under the weightlessness of your love
Grabbing helplessly at freshly soaked roots
You grab my hands instead
And lay down in the wake of these endless rainbows
Rainbows of wildflowers
Our feet have helped plant here over infinities
Housed within the duality of our footsteps
Seeded by everything, everyone, every experience
That’s got us here
And without a touch
Without a word
Your all consuming groundedness reminds me
It’s the only way I grew to you
Maybe I taught you the word
But you taught me the meaning
It is this moment
Laying in our rainbow field of wildflowers
Taking the ones I’ve just stolen from the earth
Blessing them with the sun in your voice
You kiss my forehead and decorate my hair with them
And when you push stray strands behind my ears
You smile like it was just meant to be
Now the wisdom in the corners of my eyes
Fall spun in awe
By you how make beauty and purpose
Out of everything in me
We don’t know where our own planting begins and ends
But here we let the forest speak and share our wisdoms
Just like when I look for it in your eyes
In these moments I tell you
I see you
Even when mine are closed
And my lips are resting between yours
I can taste those thousand lifetimes
Entangled in the vines of our pasts and futures
Like our bodies in this forest
It reminds me
It is all tethered to this sacred place called now
I think I’m starting to understand
Laying in this holy place
Where the forests of our lives meet and merge
In synergistic creation
This bed of wildflowers
We’ve planted together
Is the same place
As the lifetimes I see living in the speckled irises of your eyes
And taste in the soft creases of your tongue
It all exists right here
In every intuitive stroke your fingers pain on my body
You teach me in silence
How sacred it is
To be here


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  1. a quiet man says:

    your stream of consciousness is quite vibrant – good write.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aw thank you so much! šŸ™šŸ»

      Liked by 1 person

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