Beyond these five brilliant senses
Something visibly invisible
Intangibly tangible
The chords that connect us
Like the lace of our fingers
With feet buried in wet soil
Atop the greenest mountain peaks
We’ve climbed
In the face of the world in front of us
Awe spun fractals of the thousand lives behind us
And waves of possibility of the thousands ahead
I swear I can taste the salt in your tears
Even oceans away
Like a conduit I’ll take them
The sorrow gives life to the death
Lying in the stems of roses covering dad’s grave
But then nourish the soil in the pot on my sill
The one growing this sunflower
From the seeds of our childhood
I’m dreaming of it blossoming come spring
And it finding a new home behind your ear
Because I don’t know of anything brighter or more beautiful
Than a homecoming ticked with a tally
Of all the days we just spent apart
I’m wondering how I fit the light of your laugh
Into each petal
I swear I can feel the joy in your bones
Traveling thousands of miles in a moment
Suspended and spun like lace
I wrap myself in it
When I’m drowning in those oceans
How many millions of memories and vibrations of laughter
Can we weave
Drunk on some organic wine
Your brilliant jokes and silly dance moves
And now I’m spun
On the floor
The tears falling across my lips
Into this uncontrollable laughter
The ground reminds me
How mom always taught us
To never build homes in other people
But I think often when times are dark
You’re the only one who leaves the light on
You know how to throw a party in me
Or start the gentlest little fire
And remind me of my light
You clean the hate off mirrors
Light sage in every room
Plant flowers in the cracks
And sing beauty into broken spaces
I know I can always find you there
Eyes wide working diligently
Grafting a plan back to my happiness
Like the blueprint lives in the creases of our hands
Or maybe floating
On the way we can shape shift
From sisters to best friends
To teachers to healers
To children to mothers
And embody every possibility in between
What peace in my soul exists now
Knowing next to you
I will always be light
And always know love
And life
Forever and eons beyond
Will always be beautiful

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