A Sea of Little Locks


I really wondered why you were so sad
How you’d let all the heaviness
Hang like chains upon you
You were swimming in a sea of little locks
And everyday the world was not kind
You grabbed a little lock
Stuck it on your chains
And vowed to carry it forever
I took you to the top of my favorite mountain range
Maybe my intuition conspired subconsciously
But I swear there is something about walking on the earth
That just lightens you
It was raining
I know that I
Was invigorated
I sit chock full of daydreams
Of that gentle cleansing mist falling onto my skin
Dancing on my face like freckles
Walking through scattered prisms of color
As the sun that peaked through the barren trees
Kissed the droplets of rain hanging in their wake
Breathing in the little rainbows
As they gently guided our path
The vibrations of blue jay’s good-morning voices
Hung in the pure air alongside us
I fell in love with every exhale in the clouds of my breath
Knowing the synergy now existing between me and this mountainous air
I know I’ve always believed in miracles
Because I wake up residing in one every morning
I never mind my scraped knees
When falling in awe
Because like me, and you
There is something purely miraculous
About the swirling palette in the sky
At the birth of the sun on a new day
But when we reached the top
Your favorite shade of purple was missing from the sky
The sun burned a little too brightly on your gentle gaze
The droplets of rain in your hair had started to crystallize
As you mourned the loss of all the hot city air that was stolen out of you
And you swear the rosiness of your cheeks had ruined the beauty
Within the little frame in your clenched hands
You were out of breath from carrying the weight
Of a million little locks
But you just filled up with handfuls more
Almost like every piece of heaviness needed tangibility
And the heaviness carries responsibility
And somewhere there was an all consuming fear
That if you’d break free
You’d see the world completely differently
And then who would you be
If you saw the world like me?


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