Because I fell in love
Twenty times over
My heart now lives in the hearts of every one of you
Scattered across oceans
And living on foreign soil
Little pieces spread wisely across the globe
Living in many places my eyes have never seen
In boundless earth my feet have never met
But my heart knows now
Lives now
Beating in beautiful flesh
I don’t know how
I lost so many pieces
Yet the love now living in my chest
Is the strongest thing I’ve ever known
I understand now
I’m leaving with less of my own heart
But the most potent stretches of yours
Learning how I can leave with less of myself
Yet knowing now more than ever
Who I am
How can I ever thank you
For making me so beautiful
You’ve created art out of me
So I’ll create the most beautiful home for these memories
I’ll let these tears fall
Knowing every bit of salt dissolved within
Will mix gently within this caged canvas
Each containing a different colored emotion
I’ll let them fall while singing sweet songs of gratitude
Slip through each rib
And create the most beautiful palate
Deep hues of sorrow my missing heart’s sore
Blinding highlights of peaceful wisdom you’ve taught me
Fiery shades of love you’ve discovered in me
Vibrant suns of happiness you’ve dug out of me
My world’s now a million shades I’ve never seen before
And I truly understand
Whatever I was in search of
I found it in you
How many miles of ocean and earth between
It doesn’t matter
Because I know I can always find you
Living in the most beautiful stretches of me


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