The Sun in My Voice


A thousand suns
I have watched them all fall
Then rise again
And I have tasted each one
The sour sweet flavor of healing
In search of light
I ask myself if I’m finally ready to be heard
I hold these prisms to my eyes
And I find myself consumed in infinite reflection
But all I see is me
I am the violet in the sky
Awestruck by the simplicity
of how I can be
All of the things
I have been searching for
Wrapped in clouds
And the power of the sun placed in my throat
A promise exchanged
That I will sing the stories on my heart
So to let them live in the hearts of others
Voice as teacher
Voice as healer
I think I’m finally ready to be heard
I will walk softly upon this earth
But with each footstep
I will plant a prayer
The path in my wake will bloom in vibrant forest
Along with the glimmer in my eyes
It will speak my stories just as loudly
Reminiscent of these dreams you had
The ones cooing wisely within your vulnerability
This light in my eyes sinks now into every crease
Within the palms of your clenched hands
As brilliant star dust
You swear you can feel the composition of every element
You hold me here
Just to let me go
Knowing I’m finally ready to be heard
Sprinkled from the very peaks
Of sun kissed mountain tops
Into the limitless oceans
Oceans of people
To hear the sun in my voice


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