Calling My Power Back


I am calling my power back
Calling back every last, lost piece
Spread amongst dimensions
In dreams I have stolen from myself
Was last seen sliced into the tongues of broken people
Tied up in every insecure word spoken about me
Laced into fingerprints on the hands of every man who has taken advantage of me
Living in the tears of muscle of those too weak to hold me
Etched into the pupils of eyes unable to truly see me
Cupped around ears unwilling to really hear me
Swimming in he vapor of minds who’ve chosen to condense me
Was last swallowed down in the hateful words I shove down my own throat
Dripping off bloody fists from the distorted reflection in front of me
Hiding in the dark corners of the boxes I’ve been placed within
Rolled into the dashes of measuring tape people have wrapped around my potential
Seething within the heart of every past embodiment of the woman I have been
Branded into the thoughts of every idea of the woman I ‘should’ be
Suffocating in breathless melodies living in my heart unable to be sung
Bleeding through the ink of the map of places I was told I could not go
Threaded through the clouds of dreams I was told I could not reach
Sealed into the silenced words I was told I could not speak
Hiding in the dirt beneath the untouched path I was told I could not travel
And floating in sun kissed oceans of love I’ve been convinced I do not deserve
I am calling it all back
Every single piece of my power
Lost, stolen, and given freely
I am calling it all back


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