Second Gen Dr. Campbell

Sometimes I wish to live in this fold of time
And I wonder if you felt it too
Barefoot and cross legged in this auditorium desk
Swimming in your old Led Zeppelin tee
I swear still smells like you
Separated by thirty years
And a dimension
This anatomy lecture just hit me deep
Tears pool as I feel the gravity of this generational intelligence
Closed eyes and deep breaths help me move through this massive knot in my throat
I push my glasses up with the side of my knuckle
And I wonder how the same strong hands
That carried me to sleep at night
Held so steady a scalpel
To perform surgery in a millimeter of space
You sat with my on the floor
My missing teeth and kindergarten braids
As my tiny hands worked wisely to untangle a pile of knotted mess
In a moment you saw your steady hands
In mine
And your brilliant mind
In mine
And the light in your eyes held the density of decades ahead
And my future in your footsteps
I look down at the shoes you left behind
They seem big enough for me to get lost in
The leather’s worn through at the soles
And I can trace every place where your weight pressed most boldly
The tops are so faded
But in a way that supplies a deep knowing
It’s the work not of the sun
Yet that of every smile born of relief and gratitude
Your healing presence brought
I step into your nooked office
Vortexed in an energy like I stepped into a temple instead
Finding myself gazed with thousands of patient charts
But the letters down the side of each
All look the same
A million combinations
But to me
They all just say ‘thank you’
Inside, the medical jargon and x-rays
They’re all just love notes
Cooing with the wisest grace
The dust inside escapes like confetti
And I fall breathless in weeps
Feeling the gravity of every soul you touched
And transformed
I thought I’d stand in your shadow
But your imprint upon this earth was light
I will stand in that instead
My hands will find each other
Crosslink each finger
And bow my head like nature
Praying I am making this angelic healer in the sky
To be second generation
Dr. Campbell


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