Mother Earth


She has woven the lessons of life into her wisdom and beauty
She teaches us the power of light
In the sun when it peaks through the horizon
We rise, we grow, we thrive
In the wake of the light
And when the sun sets
We rest, we heal, we dream
In the darkness of the night
She teaches us also the power of the absence of light
In never leaving us in complete darkness
She shows us there is still beauty there
In the sliver or fullness of the moon
And the glistening sea of stars
That we too may often feel consumed by darkness
But must never forget the light within us
And the light that constantly surrounds us
She teaches us trust
In that whatever destruction can happen in a day
Then sun will always rise again to start anew
She teaches us growth and capacity
In the seeds that can fit by the hundreds in the palm of our hands
Then blossom into the food that grows us
The trees that supply us
And the plants that heal us
That we too may feel small and insignificant
But like the seed, we have everything we need within us
She teaches us determination
In the flowers that have sprouted through the cracks in cement
That we too may feel discouraged by the unclear and seemingly tumultuous path ahead
But like the flower buried by the strictest of blocks, we have the power to outgrow them all
She teaches us strength and perseverance
In a blazing fire within the forest
A merciless tornado along the countryside
A forceful hurricane in the jungle
That we too will rebuild and re-blossom even in the wake of the most unfathomable devastation
She teaches us death and rebirth
In the big old oak tree in the forest that dies
And is then transformed through decay into the soil
Allowing another plant to sprout and thrive
Passing on its wisdom and depth
That we too will never die
And like the oak tree, we will only be transformed
Allowing for more beauty to thrive
She teaches us beauty
In the creation of her raw mountains, waterfalls and deep waters
That we too are perfect and beautiful without audit or criticism
She teaches us love and harmony
In the symbiotic relationships within
That allow for creation of the daily miracles of life
And through our relationship with her
When she thrives, we thrive
As she begs to be close to us
Begs to teach us
And begs for us to listen
For she is much wiser
And everything we need to know
Is woven within


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    1. yousefmesyef says:

      I don’t want to sound cheesy but this a site of beautiful poetry. “You a major piece of me, and you’re missing” “it’s an emptiness that no one else can fill” “I know you will torture me for eternity, but at least you will be doing anything with/to me”

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      1. yousefmesyef says:

        Call me tonight at 6:30-7:00 your time


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